Vancouver Wharves

Vancouver Wharves Terminal is a 125-acre bulk terminal site located east of the Lions Gate Bridge on the North Shore of Burrard Inlet within the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. The facility has been in operation since 1959 and consists of four vessel berths and rail infrastructure, dry bulk and liquid storage, and material handling systems

Vancouver Wharves
Vancouver Wharves Map

Since 1959, Vancouver Wharves has operated safely on the site owned by BCR Properties. Since purchasing the Terminal assets in 2007, Kinder Morgan Canada Limited (KML) has operated the facility and completed more than $200 million of facility expansion and environmental improvements at the operating site.

With more than four million tonnes of inbound and outbound bulk cargo products annually, products handled include mineral concentrates for BC mines and smelters, sulphur exports, agricultural products and diesel and bio-diesel bulk liquids. It has a covered storage capacity of 500,000 tonnes of bulk cargo, 180,000 tonnes of sulphur stockpile capacity and 250,000 barrels of existing diesel and bio-diesel storage tanks.

The Terminal currently employs 51 full-time employees and depending on activity, more than 100 unionized long shore members. The Terminal pays approximately $2.4 million annually in local property taxes to the District of North Vancouver.

KML owns an interest in or operates an integrated network of pipeline systems and terminal facilities in Canada. Vancouver Wharves is one of two KML facilities on Burrard Inlet.